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About Us

Unique Custom Products has been in business since. 1993.  We started as a retail craft store selling craft rubber stamps and personalized scrapbook albums.  Over the years we have added hot stamping machines, rubber stamp machines, rotary engravers, laser printers for wood engraving, and color sublimation printers for making color name tags and custom coasters.  In 2004 we ended retail and became a full line manufacturer of Unique Custom Products and started to sell primarily as an internet supplier accross the nation.  Two of our best product niches that we excell in are ADA Compliant Signs and Custom Wooden Signage.

Our Advantage  (Speed and Price)
Often times ADA signs are required by inspectors to open a new building for business.  We are fast.  We can often manufacture a small order and ship it the same day.  Larger orders up to 50 or 60 signs can be done in 1 to 3 business days as an average.  This is significantly faster than the industry which can take as much as 2 to 3 weeks.  We offer compliant signs at very reasonable prices.  Our goal is to design the signs to be compliant but no larger than is needed.  Pricing for signs are based on size, the number of tactile lines, and the number of Braille 2 lines.  By making our signs smaller and by being an agressive small business, we offer the best prices to be found on the internet for ADA signs.

Our Best Markets
Most government buildings, schools, colleges, libraries, and commercial buildings built today should incorporate ADA signage.  We sell to a lot of hospitals and medical offices. 

Partnerships with Sign Companies

Different Types of ADA Signs
ADA sign material is made of 1/16" industry standard plastic. There are many colors to choose from. We offer 9 back ground colors with the option of white, ivory, or grey tactile letters. Or the signs can be reversed to be white with colored letters. So long as the contrast is 70%, the Braille signs will meet the specifications. As an additional option, we offer clear ADA signs with white letters. These signs are designed to be painted on the back. By painting the back side of the clear sign, buildings can color match existing signs more exactly.

Outdoor ADA signs.
Metal ADA Signs
Wooden ADA Signs

Retrofitting Existing Signage with Braille Strips

We also offer clear Braille strips. We can engrave whatever sign message required into the small clear strips. The clear Braille strip can be attached to the bottom of existing signage to allow the blind to read the Braille. This technique allows clients to use existing signs and retrofit them more cost effectively with Braille. You should always approve this method with your local building inspection authorities for approval