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Wooden Invitations & The Post Office
Hand Stamped Envelopes Will Help Protect Damage to Wedding Invitations

Most wood invitations 5x7 real wood fitting an A7 envelope with a paper reply card and an envelope and a separate map,will cost approximately $.78 or less.  This is based on weight.
A regular letter with one sheet of paper costs $.44 at current post office rates.

Not all post offices have the same rules so you should contact your local post office and get their recommendaton for special handling.

The idea is to have the post office use a rubber stamp to put an ink print over your postage stamp.  This is called hand cancelling.  This is considered to be "superior" to machine cancelling when it comes to wedding invitations because it protects the invitations, wax seals, envelopes etc from damage which may result from the machine. It also helps cut down on all the ink and markings that are all over the invitation.

If they are very busy they may may request you come in at a certain time of day when things are slower.